10,000 #PRCY up for grabs!

Join our event for celebrating $PRCY listing on SWFT Blockchain and get a chance to be one of 20 winners!


Note: 20 selected winners will share 10,000 PRCY. Winners will be announced after event ends.

Time: April 10 15:00 — April 20 12:00 (HK time)


❗️Winners will be announced on Twitter when the event ends.
❗️Twitter winners will receive their rewards directly to your SWFT Blockchain account.
❗️All rewards will be distributed within 5 business days after the event.
❗️The SWFT Blockchain team reserves the final rights…


#PRCY Coin 100% Private and Secure PRCY is a privacy blockchain with a focus on security, scalability and total privacy.

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